IP6 is a unique supplement containing the inositol phosphate IP6 bonded with inositol. According to AbulKalam M. Shamsuddin, MD, PhD., in his book IP6 Nature's Revolutionary Cancer-fighter", the health effects of this combination are greater than that of each form alone...this addition of inositol to IP6 makes it an even better anticancer cocktail

What is IP-6?
IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) is a naturally occurring compound found primarily in grains and legumes. The health benefits of a diet high in fiber seem to be due to the high levels of IP-6 in the fiber. Purified IP-6 offers several advantages over dietary IP-6. Its rapid absorption compared to dietary IP-6 ensures much superior bioavailability. This in turn exerts significant benefits to the support of the immune system.

Why combine IP-6 with Inositol?
Dr. Shamsuddin theorized that when Inositol was properly combined with IP-6 it formed two molecules of IP-3 in the body. Although IP-6 gets all the attention, it is really the IP-3 that is doing all the work. IP-3 plays an important role in cells by helping them grow, mature, replicate and communicate with other cells. Cells that are low in IP-3 can become out of control, dividing uncontrollably. Studies confirm that the combination of IP-6 with Inositol yields much greater effects than IP-6 alone.

IP-6 plus Inositol as an Antioxidant and NK-Cell Stimulant
IP-6 with Inositol has not only produced remarkable results in existing disease in both human and animal studies, but it’s main use could be in prevention of disease.. Speaking of prevention, in clinical studies IP-6 has also been shown to inhibit kidney stone formation, improve cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol and aiding sugar metabolism in diabetes. IP-6 is also an effective antioxidant. It acts to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals on body cells and has been shown to enhance immunity by boosting the activity of natural killer (NK) cells. immune system cells (also called lymphocytes are the bodies first line of defense against a variety of diseases, viruses and other infecting organisms. IP-6 and Inositol enhances the NK-cells’ killer instincts.

Can IP-6 plus Inositol be used alongside conventional treatments?

IP-6 plus Inositol has undergone extensive animal testing and human studies. No side-effects have been found, either when IP-6 and Inositol is used on its own or in combination with chemotherapeutic agents. Indeed, Dr. Shamsuddin states that IP-6 and Inositol can actually potentiate these treatments.

How much should I take?

Dr. Shamsuddin recommends taking a dosage of 2 capsules twice daily for overall good health. For those with known immune system difficulties the recommended dosage is 8 capsules or 1 scoop of bulk powder, twice daily. To achieve maximum benefit IP-6 with Inositol is best taken on an empty stomach.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! IP-6 with Inositol is found naturally within every body cell. In experimental studies, no adverse side effects have been noted even with prolonged use at high doses. There are no known drug-nutrient interactions. Extensive research studies indicate that IP-6 and Inositol are a safe and natural combination.

Optimal Health & Wellness

Every human being, no matter how healthy and fit wants to be even healthier. We have all hear it said: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, when it comes to supporting the immune system, our bodies defense mechanism, that old saying carries a lot of truth. Start today; make IP-6 and Inositol part of your daily program for optimal health & wellness.

Quote from Dr. Shamsuddin:

“We want what works best: prevention first, treatment that is effective and safe when needed, and the ability to choose therapies that compliment each other and produce the best results. This is the kind of medicine that I want for the benefit of all people, and I have dedicated my professional career toward that goal.”

Dr. A.K.M. Shamsuddin, MD, PhD