Antitumor Activity of Phytic Acid (Inositol Hexaphosphate) in Murine Transplanted and Metastatic Fibrosarcoma, a Pilot Study

Author(s): Vucenik I, Tomazic VJ, Fabian D, Shamsuddin AM

Source: Cancer Letters. 1992; 65:9-13.


We had previously reported that phytic acid (inositol hexaphosphate or InsP6), a natural constituent of cereal diet, when administered in drinking water exerts a consistent antitumor effect on expenmental colon cancer in vivo. The objective of this study was to determine whether InsP6 has similar anti-neoplastic effect on other tumor models, such as murine fibrosarcoma. We report that intraperitoneal injection of InsP6 reduces growth of subcutaneously transplanted fibrosarcoma (FSA-1) in mice, prolongs survival of tumor-bearing mice and reduces the number of pulmonary metastases. Since InsP6 is a common constituent of our diet and has very little or no toxic effects, in addition to being chemopreventive, it could have potential use in therapy of cancer as well.

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